What is your body shape?

What is your body type? Know your advantages with Heydari

To understand how to dress, every woman needs to know her body shape. Having a good understanding of the body shape will help to identify the right clothes for you quickly and accurately in all of those choices we have today. A lot of women who feel insecure about their body afraid to experiment with clothes, and usually pick boring styles that make them inconspicuous. We get a lot of comments “Oh, you have beautiful clothes, but it is for skinny people.” So wrong! Every fashion designer thinks about all types of women's bodies when creating their collections.
   We believe that every piece you wear should make you feel good, beautiful, confident, and accentuate your curves. Always, remember you are beautiful the way you are!

5 most common body shapes for women

Women Body Types

  1. Inverted Triangle

    The Inverted Triangle body is characterized by wide shoulders and back, and narrow hips. These ladies have slender legs and slightly highlighted waist.

   When choosing clothes, you should focus on the one that will balance both parts of the body and emphasize the waist. To balance your broad upper half, wear off-the-shoulder or strapless tops. If you wear fitted tops, it is important to create volume on the bottom with wide-leg pants. A fitted dress with long sleeves is an excellent choice for women with wide shoulders. The waist is accentuated by massive wide belts, coats, and A-line skirts.

The Triangle Women Body Clothes

 Heydari Top for The Triangle Type 
  1. Rectangle

   Rectangle body shapes are the most common type of physique, almost half of the ladies on the planet have them. However, the ladies often feel insecure about this body because it does not look feminine enough. This body looks very athletic. 

   The effect of harmony between the hips and shoulders can be achieved by adding the volume of other parts of the body, which visually allows you to narrow the waist. The strong side of this shape is long, slender legs, which should be emphasized. Also, multilayer sets complement this shape very well. The most suitable styles for rectangle body shape are semi-fitted. Any models with decorative elements on the chest or with bare shoulders will look great, as they emphasize the fragile top. Dresses with pleated skirts, with pleats, darts, and gather from the waist will help to highlight the hips.

Dress for Rectangle Body Type

Heydari Pleated Dress for The Rectangle Type

  1. Apple

   Women with the "apple" figure have an appetizing shape, a wide chest, not a pronounced waist, rounded shoulders, and hips, almost the same in volume. It is the center of the body that will be the key zone of correction, from which we will begin to distract attention in the costume ensemble.

   Considering the large breast size, characteristic of the apple figure, when choosing dresses, an appealing neckline should be avoided, but a collar that is too closed will not work either, as it will emphasize the volume in the upper body. The ideal collar neckline is a moderately round, shallow V-neck, turndown, or boat neckline to draw attention to the shoulders and chest. Dresses with a modest top and voluminous bottom are the best option for an "apple" because such models emphasize the lower part of the figure without overloading it. Skirts with an unusual asymmetric pattern or cut will very well draw attention to slender legs and distract from the weighted center.

Dress for Apple body type

Heydari Dress for The Apple Type

4. Hourglass

   The hourglass figure is considered the ideal of female beauty. For centuries, women have tried to give their forms just such a silhouette, using corsets, bustles, and other tricks. Choosing a wardrobe is quite simple - you need to emphasize the natural advantages and not spoil the image with excessive decor or improperly selected styles. Clothes should show your curves, not hide them; things should not be baggy, but at the same time not too tight, so as not to make the image vulgar.

   The most feminine piece of clothing is dresses, so this type of clothing must necessarily be in the arsenal of women who have an hourglass figure. You can choose tight-fitting, fitted, trapezoidal.

The Hourglass Body Type

Heydari Dress for The Hourglass Type

5. Pear

   An example of a purely feminine type of figure is a pear. In ancient times, this body shape was considered the standard of female beauty. Today, women with a pear-shaped figure make up about a third of the entire beautiful half of humanity.

   The selection of clothes for pear figures almost always includes asymmetrical cut, drapery, original neckline, voluminous sleeves, or the use of bright details. A-line dresses and skirts, and kimono-dresses are a must-have in the wardrobe for the pear shape. Long vests are generally a magical find of fashion designers. For a figure with wide hips, this is a solution.

Vest for The Pear Body Type

Heydari Vest for The Pear Type

   And remember that these are just conventions. Do not be afraid to experiment, mix, come up with new images.
   The main thing is to know your advantages, then no one will notice your disadvantages.